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Team up with AORUS to build your PC!

Team up with AORUS to build your PC!

A Since the launch of AORUS Gaming Motherboards in January, they have been receiving positive reviews from media and users. With unique features like RGB Fusion, Smart Fan 5 and USB-DAC-UP 2, AORUS Gaming Motherboards bring personalization back to your personal computer, allowing users to build their one-of- a-kind gaming rig.


Among all, Z270X-GAMING 7 is one of the most popular models from AORUS. And if you’re curious about why it’s adored by so many gamers around the world, check out the summary below for detailed performance review of Z270X-GAMING 7; if you’re not, just simply take a look at how awesome this motherboard is!


HardOCP-Silver Award

“Working with the Z270X Gaming 7 felt like we had a very mature platform on our hands and we did not find a bunch of odd quirks that we had to deal with. I find it likely that you will hit the ground running with this motherboard and a new Kaby Lake processor. (Link)


KitGuru- Worth Buying Award

“Excellent RGB and fan control systems aid a good feature set and wise design choices to make Gigabyte’s Aorus Z270X-Gaming 7 a smart choice.” (Link)


Wccftech- 9.7/10

“The AORUS Z270X-Gaming 7 motherboard is an all rounder with great specs, features and a design that is a complete stunner. At $240 US, the AORUS Z270X-Gaming 7 is going to be the best option for Intel 6th and 7th generation PC builders.” (Link)


Tweaktown- Best Features Award

“The Z270X-Gaming 7 is a high-end product; it looks high-end, performs high-end, and has all the features users would expect from a high-end motherboard” (Link)


HardwareSecrets- Silver Award

“So, if you want a robust and resourceful motherboard to build a gaming PC or workstation, based on a sixth or seventh generation LGA1151 Intel CPU, intend to overclock it and has a case with a transparent window to enjoy the lights, the Gigabyte Z270X-Gaming 7 is an excellent choice.” (Link)


Guru3D- Best Hardware Award

“In the end the Gigabyte GA-Z270X Gaming 7 is terrific, a stable well designed platform with nice BIOS functions and a lot of bling. If you feel your system is outdated and you would like features such as USB 3.1, more SATA3 ports, better audio, hey that's where Kaby Lake with a Z270 motherboard can make sense.” (Link)


Vortez Hardware- Gold Award

“The AORUS Z270X-Gaming 7 is poised to represent one of GIGABYTE’s premium motherboard solutions and it certainly delivers on this. Gaming 7 sets the standard for others to follow, boasting a feature-rich platform and stunning aesthetics.” (Link)


Overclock3D- Performance Award

“There is no doubt at all that with the Gaming 7 Gigabyte have returned as a powerhouse of the motherboard market. Brilliant performance, tons of features, lots of customization and affordable pricing add up to a pretty unbeatable package.” (Link) Approved Award

A clean look, sensible components locations, and best-in-class overclocking give the Z270X-Gaming 7 a solid platform to build on. Whether it's worth a £75-£100 premium depends upon the kind of PC you're after. If it is truly premium, this board makes sense. (Link)