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A Gaming Monitor Plays to Win


The GIGABYTE G32QC is here! And it will change the way you game. We are here to tell you the goods and the bads about this gaming display and why this new contender is upsetting the market.

GIGABYTE has always been a leader in tech and innovation so its an obvious choice when they announced this Gaming Monitor. Do note, this is not the first display they have introduced as GIGABYTE has introduced many successful gaming products in their flagship lineup, AORUS. By expanding their overall GIGABYTE line-up this gives gamers and avid consumers more selections as they search for the perfect display.

So, enough history, lets talk about the G32QC and what it has to offer. As I mentioned this isn’t GIGABYTE’s first endeavor into the display market and it won’t be its last. You’ll find many awesome features that aren’t readily available in most monitors in the market. These features such as the OSD Sidekick or Game Assist, were first introduced on the AORUS AD27QD display.

Beyond High Definition – Panel Type & Resolution

In order to understand how great the G32QC is you need to know what’s available in the market. Firstly there are 3 main panel technologies that are widely used: Twisted Nematic (TN), Vertical Alignment (VA), and In-Plane Switching (IPS).
Below is a quick chart just to highlight the Pros and Cons:




Response time


Contrast Ratio


Color performance



From the chart above its easy to tell that the VA panel offers both speed and color and is an easy choice for mainstream gamers looking for both color quality and fast response. Larger screens don’t always mean you have more real estate to use but with the G32QC you have a QHD resolution which equates to 2560 x1440P, 2K resolution. With a higher resolution the QHD display offers better acuity and visual clarity, making images in game crisp and vivid.


A New Meaning to “Curving the Bullet”
– Performance and Curved Display

What makes the GIGABYTE G32QC special, just from the looks of it you might think the curved display but there’s more that meets the eye. We already talked about the high-resolution that’s offered from the QHD display, so what else does the G32QC offer to help it stand out from the competition. There are namely 3 highlights we want to focus regarding the performance.


Firstly, the refresh rate is a rapid 165Hz, to give you more insight traditional displays refresh at only 60Hz. Meaning the speed of this monitor is roughly 175% faster than displays of the past and many of the competitors out in the market. So, what does this number do for you? With a faster than average refresh rate, the image that you experience and view results in almost lifelike motions. Even as you scroll the text moves fluid that you’ll notice something different about the image you are seeing. Additionally, the G32QC is equipped with adaptive sync technologies, it supports AMD FreeSync and is NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible Ready, this feature can help to avoid screen tearing and deliver a smooth and crisp image in fast paced games.


Secondly, color gamut, it is always frustrating to be looking at a picture and not seeing the lifelike colors that is meant to be. The GIGABYTE G32QC solves this with its 94% DCI-P3 color. It even surpasses the traditional color spectrum by being able to reproduce 124% of the sRGB colors. Witness the true colors of the rainbow as you enjoy your favorite Netflix show or play the latest AAA titles. For those of you excited in experiencing the next best thing the G32QC also supports HDR400 for those high contrasts and rich blacks immersing you further in another reality.


Last but not least, the G32QC delivers an immersive experience with its native 1500R curved screen. This curve allows you to view the entire display leveraging your peripheral vision allowing for a more natural view without distortion. By incorporating a curve the distance that the user sits from the image is equal from the center to the display to the edge of the display making the image feel for natural even over long periods of time.

We go into deep discussion on what makes a curved monitor different and if its right for you in this article.

Hardware + Software = Tactical Features

One of the great things about the GIGABYTE monitor is it carries many high-end features users enjoyed from the AORUS line-up. These features combined with the hardware benefits we highlighted really make this display an all-around performer.



Innovative features like Sidekick OSD is something not seen in many monitors out in the market. Sidekick OSD gives users the ability to customize and tune their display with the tools their most familiar with controlling, the mouse and keyboard. With that you can customize monitor settings live without having to move between your mouse and the buttons on the back of your monitor. Saving profiles and recalling them are easier than ever with just a few clicks of a mouse the Sidekick OSD is the best virtual extension of a display anyone can ask for.


Marketed gaming features are rarely performance enhancers for games, but this isn’t the case with Game Assist. There’s been many that have tried and touted the tactical edge that Game Assist has to offer. One of my favorites is the built-in crosshair, this native monitor feature creates a target that may not be displayed in-game giving you a point of reference if you indeed have to “no-scope” the competition. Seeing is believing and I urge you to check out this feature for yourself!


Ever wonder what your system clocks or temperature is? Well the Dashboard feature can tell you, without having to install freeware or other uncertified applications to your PC the Dashboard App displays real-time hardware information without burdening your PC or, most importantly, blocking your view while in-game. This gives gamers easy access to see how their PC performs between scenes or game chapters. It also reminds you of your AORUS Mouse DPI and if your CPU or GPU is carrying more load.

There’s so many other features that GIGABYTE has included to help not only gamers but your everyday users. From Flicker-Free technology to prevent eye strain and fatigue after lengthy viewing sessions and a low blue light setting to better eye health, certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Did GIGABYTE take home the victory with the G32QC? I would have to say, YES! Offering a large 31.5” QHD screen with a 165Hz refresh rate the natural curve of a 1500R display and tactical features like OSD sidekick and game assist this monitor is a winner in my book. It’s the perfect monitor for both gamers, content creators, and your everyday user.

Are these the features that you have been looking for in a display? Share your thoughts and follow us to see what new technologies GIGABYTE is improving on next!

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