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GIGABYTE Aimed at Hardcore Gamers with Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Laptops at CES 2020

Fig.1. In 2020 GIGABYTE will target heavy gamers with fully equipped OMRON® mechanical keyboard gaming laptops.


GIGABYTE laptops is famous for their constant creation of top tier creative and gaming laptops, this time, showcasing the whole laptop series at the world’s largest consumer electronics show – the CES 2020.

Including the latest and greatest creations such as the “made for creators” AERO series and the “hardcore gamer” AORUS series. Within the series, you will find the all-new AORUS 17, featuring the world’s first laptop to equip OMRON® switches, providing gamers with sensational keyboard feedback and luxurious even backlit keys. Visitors will also find concept models such as the ultra-thin OMRAON based mechanical keyboard, giving keyboard lovers another keyboard to desire over. GIGABYTE announces in advance that in 2020, more mechanical keyboard based AORUS members will join the family. GIGABYTE’s Marketing and Sales Director Mr. Steven Chen says: “the mechanical switches are capable of fast rebounds with short actuation points and other characteristics that makes it a must have for eSport pro gamers. This time, working closely with world renowned mechanical switch manufacture OMRON® that lead to the creation of a lightweight mechanical keyboard laptop, retaining the superior feel of each key stroke, in addition to its “Japan made” quality and extended durability. We cannot wait for gamers to start such an on-the-go gaming experience.”


Fig.2. Visitors will also find concept models such as the ultra-thin OMRAON based mechanical keyboard.


AORUS 17 | World’s First Laptop Equipped with OMRON® Mechanical Switches


This is the first time that GIGABYTE showcases its AORUS flagship laptop at CES. The AORUS 17 leads the industry with the first laptop to come with OMRON® mechanical switches based keyboard, giving users superior key stroke feel, in addition to the fine-tuned backlit lighting effects. Not only so, the AORUS 17 supports the latest Intel 8 core overclockable processor, in conjunction with the latest NVIDIA RTX graphics, giving gamers the ability to enjoy the intense graphics that AAA titles has to offer, creating a top-of-the-end gaming experience. The AORUS 17 also takes the exclusive with ESS SABRE DAC chip and a 240Hz refresh rate display. Gamers will sure experience the best of visual and audio, every second of the gameplay.


AERO Series Laptops | The Best Crossover Endorser


Since the announcement of the first AERO laptop back in 2017, the AERO 15 took the market and created buzz with top tier specs and exclusive features such as the near borderless display. GIGABYTE continues to win, with the addition of all new AERO 15 OLED and AERO 17 HDR laptops for creators. The AERO series laptops not only has powerful performance that can greatly reduce media processing times, it is also the world’s only laptop with X-Rite Panton calibration certified, guaranteeing accurate display colors. The portability for creators are also fine-tuned, by equipping the AERO with a large 94 Wh battery in an ultra-portable chassis, giving creators an extended 8 hours of battery usage. Create anything anywhere. 


Fig.3. AERO comes in a thin&light chassis with ultra-high performance package, suited for games or creative works alike.


The AERO series laptop is not only meant for creative works, it way beyond powerful enough to satisfy gamers that are on-the-go. With that said, GIGABYTE brought the all new 240Hz AERO 15 and the 144Hz AERO 17 to CES 2020. Not only are they suited for creative works, but also powerful and fast (refresh rate) enough for gamers to experience AAA games with ease. The AERO series laptop also comes with fully fledged per-key backlit keyboard, with every key lighting customizable to the gamers, making the laptop a unique and powerful piece. 


GIGABYTE will be at CES 2020 from Jan 7th ~ Jan 10th. Join us in the Las Vegas Caesars Palace 3rd floor PISA conference room, showcasing the whole lineup of AERO and AORUS laptops. We welcome all partners and media to come and celebrate our new announcements.