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“Reduction. Sharing. Love the Earth.” GIGABYTE Awarded GVM CSR Award for the Electronics and Technology Industry

GIGABYTE Technology, a world leader renowned for technology excellence and thought leadership, has been awarded the “GVM CSR Award – Role Model Award of Electronics and Technology Industry”. At the ceremony, the prestigious award was presented to Mr. Dandy Yeh, Chairman of GIGABYTE Technology. This marks the third time since 2017 that GIGABYTE has won the “GVM CSR Award – Role Model Award”. It is a testament to GIGABYTE’s unwavering commitment toward the advancement of ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) goals.


In 2022, it is especially worth noting that GIGABYTE has not only enacted its four CSR visions (“Zero Waste Zero Pollution”, “Low-carbon Technology Transition”, “Leader of Sustainability and Circular Economy”, “Realization of Humanistic Value”) within the company, it has also promoted its ideals to partners and customers on the value chain, so that every party can play an active role in improving our society.  


In 2009, GIGABYTE launched its “Green Action Plan”. Based on the core belief “I Promise, I Can Do It”, the Plan follows the central philosophy of “Reduction. Sharing. Love the Earth” and strives toward the fulfillment of GIGABYTE’s corporate value: “Upgrade Your Life”. GIGABYTE is a long-time participant of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and has received a score of B (management level) or higher for five consecutive years. In 2021, GIGABYTE went above and beyond—it received leadership-level scores in both the categories of Climate Change and Supplier Engagement Rating (SER). This was partly due to the fact that GIGABYTE has been able to reduce its carbon emission by 38.85% compared to 2009, despite making great strides forward in business success over the same period of time. 


In the spirit of Vice Chairman Mr. Ming-Hsiung Liu’s vision of “returning trees to the planet”, GIGABYTE has worked with the UNEP-authorized Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation to plant trees in Mexico, and it has been working with Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau since 2020 on a three-year forest restoration project. The end result is that nearly 90,000 trees have been planted by GIGABYTE around the world. Another noteworthy project is “Thousand Mile Trek – Go Green Taiwan”. This is a voluntary, employee-led campaign to clean up our environment with our own two hands. GIGABYTE employees have walked across Taiwan and picked up over 12,000 kilograms of waste in their effort to nurture a greener, better tomorrow. 


GIGABYTE believes its position as a key player in Taiwan’s tech industry endows it with “brand power” that may help fulfill CSR (corporate social responsibilities) from a top-down, inside-out manner on the value chain. To this end, GIGABYTE has assumed a leadership role and collaborated with enterprise and supply chain partners, as well as end users and customers. GIGABYTE engages in “Sustainable Supply Chain Engagement and Communication” by inviting suppliers to participate in the “333 Reduction Plan”, which sets a target for reducing carbon emissions, water use, and waste by 3% every year. GIGABYTE’s subsidiary Bestyield International provides professional reuse, repair, refurbish, remanufacture, and recycle services for electronics. This has allowed the circular economy to take root in the consumer electronics sector, reducing waste by 600 metric tons and carbon emissions by 90,000 metric tons. GIGABYTE’s “Refurbished Product Certification” (RPC) is designed to promote second-hand electronics and reduce e-waste. Consumers can review the second-hand product’s complete resume and enjoy 0-6 months of warranty depending on product types. This will encourage more users to purchase second-hand electronics and become part of the circular economy. 


GIGABYTE’s research & development capabilities and product design prowess hold a leading position in the industry. What’s more, GIGABYTE understands that enterprise customers have a pressing need to adopt sustainable, eco-friendly solutions in their businesses. GIGABYTE has worked with other industry leaders to introduce solutions that can not only help users upgrade their productivity, but also make strides toward UN-designated SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Recent examples include how GIGABYTE has helped a Taiwanese IC foundry giant and Japan’s telecom leader KDDI incorporate “immersion cooling” into their data centers. Immersion cooling uses dielectric coolant to directly dissipate heat from servers, which reduces the data center’s power consumption and carbon emission, while also unleashing the processors’ full potential and empowering the clients with HPC (high performance computing)


In addition to providing the most advanced server solutions for enterprise customers, GIGABYTE also works with top universities and research institutions to nurture our future generations of computing talent. GIGABYTE provides servers to empower scientific study about some of the world’s most pressing issues, such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. GIGABYTE’s 5G communications, AIcloud and edge computing products have already been used in the healthcaremanufacturing, and transportation sectors, among others. GIGABYTE is confident its tech solutions can answer the call and provide state-of-the-art solutions that will help enterprises and our society achieve their goals of true sustainability.


GIGABYTE Technology’s corporate vision is “Upgrade Your Life”. It is our long-term dedication to developing high-tech solutions that may be applied to various sectors and allow the power of technology to make the world a better place. GIGABYTE’s contribution to environmental, social, and corporate governance goals has been lauded by third parties around the world. Recent achievements include being recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the “World's Best Employers” in 2020. GIGABYTE believes in harmonious coexistence between high tech, the environment, and our society. GIGABYTE Technology will continue to use its core competence to develop solutions for our society and our Earth, and leverage the positive influence of the global tech brand to lead partners and customers toward a brighter, better future for us all.