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GIGABYTE Unveils Conception Film about AERO Creator Laptop Directed by The Award-winning Designer Team

"AERO" – A kind of GREAT Definition That Elevates Your Vision

(Fig. 1 – Through the conception film about AERO visual, GIGABYTE collaborates with “27Design” the internationally-renowned excellent award-winning team, to proudly present the alluring and powerful AERO Laptop to creators.)


"What does GREAT mean? Having a pair of sharp eyes? Having an endless source of power? Having silent agility? Or, is it “YOU”, the creator behind the AERO laptop to make the world full of creative possibilities?” GIGABYTE AERO Creator Laptop Series have been making a lot of contribution to creativity in the industry for approximately six years. For the first time ever, this year, GIGABYTE has collaborated with “27Design” the international excellent award-winning team, for conceiving and extending the concept of “Elevate Your Vision” based on AERO Laptops, to present the world with the beauty of original intention and spiritual value.

(Fig. 2 – Click here to enjoy the【AERO: Creativity Starts Here (2022)|Concept Film】 on YouTube.)



To connect the design fields with questions, for diverse and well-rounded creations

In the beginning, the curtain is raised by such a question from the perspective of the “god of creation” in a whisper. So, let’s cut to the chase - "What does GREAT mean?” – the main theme of this AERO conception film. Step by step, viewers are guided to exert their imagination and then brainstorm even more creativity. With such a unique guideline, this short conception film about AERO visual has been co-created by GIGABYTE AERO Laptop Team, who highly understand designers in diverse fields, together with Cheng-Hsuan Lin, the Founder and Director of ”27Design”, also the Ceremony Visual Director for the 31st Golden Melody Awards Ceremony.


(Fig. 3. – In the 27Design, Cheng-Hsuan Lin and his team members have been producing animations for international brands and have won numerous international design awards.)


"After having experienced two generations of AERO Creator laptops myself, what impressed me most is the dedication shown by GIGABYTE toward creators. Whether it is in the aspects of design, hardware, or software, GIGABYTE has always taken comprehensive care of the needs of creators in various fields. Therefore, I wrote the story based on profound, diverse, creative, and experimental concepts, to have the refined essences manifested. Moreover, through different creative spaces and elements such as scenes, designing careers, etc., visual details are presented in line with the characteristics of the screen. AERO Creator Laptop has been exalted for its birth and how it elevates the creator vision", said Lin sincerely, who has designed masterpieces for more than 100 international brands, such as Disney, McDonald's, Gogoro, etc., and who has also managed major projects for national events, such as Universiade, Flower Expo, Golden Melody Award, etc.; many of these creations have won international design awards, such as iF, Red Dot Award, etc. Being a motion graphic genius, Lin has bridged the advent and original intention of the AERO Laptop to many magnificent frames on the screen showcased by numerous creative designers. With his unique professional sense, Lin invites everyone to join him to experience the “great and astonishing vision” brought by AERO Laptop.


Customized details are crafted for vision: "AERO Creativity Starts Here”

(Fig. 4. – This whole film indicates the topics about screen characteristics, performance, advantages, and features of AERO Laptop, to explore the details of great definition step by step.)


Instead of cumbersome, luxurious, and florid 3D-simulated scenes, Lin unfolds the prologue with 2D motion graphic designs, followed by the themes such as "richest colors ", "color accuracy", "contrast ratios", and “boundless vision”, to depict the characteristics of the screen of AERO Laptop based on concrete figurative presentations. Next, a sharp turn is made on the style of the screen, while the features such as "performance", " agility ", and “durability” stand out as the highlight focus. Everyone pays attention to the screen, in which the scene moves along with the flying firefly from a piece of 2D paper canvas, and then it enters a 3D world. The power of the AERO Laptop has been revealed to fulfill all sorts of needs for various types of creations. Every minute, every second, and every moment, AERO Laptops are always fulfilling a creator's imagination, to shape a diverse visual space. As the story goes on, viewers are guided from virtuality to factuality, which is also a metaphor signifying that creation is the process that is from imagination to reality. With the depiction and accumulation of multiple styles on the screen, GIGABYTE AERO Creator Laptop conveys its observation and realization about creators, hence, conveying the idea "Creativity Starts Here".



To trace the source of creativity: YOU are the final answer

(Fig. 5.– “AERO” could be a synonym for “GREAT”. How come? It all lies in the power behind the AERO Laptop that helps you create the astonishing masterpieces)


"At first glance, it seems that you become stronger because AERO Laptop is equipped with powerful capabilities of creativity. However, at a closer look, it is actually “YOU”, the creator who can deploy the powerful AERO Laptop to create a wonderful world full of creative possibilities.”, said Lin. In addition to being the director of this AERO conception film, Lin has also been a professional 2D/3D motion graphic designer. From the perspective of a creator, Lin analyzes the births and changes of the AERO Laptop profoundly by using his hands, eyes, and mind, to explore the subject matter of creation. From the question at the beginning to the timely reminder, in the end, the powerfulness actually comes from within YOU, not from the tools. It is “YOU” who have infinite inspiration, diverse imagination, high productivity, and the ability to create the world by using GIGABYTE AERO Creator Laptop. GIGABYTE laptop team has devoted all its efforts to the creators’ market for more than six years, bringing the most powerful tools to professional creators year after year. From product conception, research and development, and design, to communication and marketing, GIGABYTE has always valued users’ feedback with a humble attitude. GIGABYTE optimizes and evolves itself continuously, thus becoming the number one choice for creative designers. If you haven’t had any chance to appreciate the AERO Creator Laptop yet, you are cordially invited to find out more information from this AERO conception film. When leading a creator's daily life, please experience the colorfulness, excellence, and aesthetics brought by AERO Creator Laptop. We anticipate that you will create your own astonishing masterpieces by using AERO Creator Laptop!


For the AERO Creator Laptop series detail information, please visit the official website: