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How to identify the code for Intel Core™ CPU?

How to identify the code for Intel Core™ CPU?

Intel Core™ H series processor is the most frequently used intermediate to high-end processor in the laptop. It's common to see a lot of numbers and letters coming after Core™ H, such as i7-10XXXH. In general, the greater digit represents the better performance. We can further look into the code and divide it into 4 parts.


The high-frequency Core™ H family has 4 “Brand Modifier”, i3, i5, i7, and i9, depending on the features and the performance. Intel's flagship Core™ i9 gives the highest performance. Core™ i3 is the entry level and is suitable for multitasking word processing. For users such as e-sports player and creator, they would need Core™ i7 or Core™ i9 for their laptops to meet the requirements.


The most obvious difference between Core™ i3, i5, i7, and i9 is the clock speed, number of cores, and number of threads. The clock speed (in GHz) refers to the number of processing cycles that a CPU can conduct per second. A higher clock speed gives higher processing capability and faster calculations. The number of cores refers to the multitasking capability. The greater number of cores indicates that the speed of data processing is much faster. A processor of a higher class will have higher clock speed, more number of cores, and better performance. Of course! It will be much more expensive.


For the gamer, the most important thing is to have a high clock speed for executing a single application. As for the designer who mainly uses the laptop for multimedia and video editing, multi-file or image processing, the greater number of cores is much more important.


In the figure below, the red part shows the Gen indicator. The greater digit indicates the later  architecture. Intel released the latest 10th Gen processor in April, 2020. The performance and core architecture of the new generation processor are superior to the previous one.



The green part means the SKU Number and the Suffix that comes after has different meanings. K stands for “Overclockable”. H refers to “High Performance Graphics”, which indicates a better built-in graphics processing unit and better performance. U stands for “Ultra-Low Power Consumption”, which is commonly used for word processing. Y stands for “Extremely Low Power Consumption”, which is even lower than the U series and often used for the Ultrabook.



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