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Ice out your rig: Build with GIGABYTE/AORUS white edition components

Ice out your rig: Build with GIGABYTE/AORUS white edition components

White PC hardware is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. It brings a clean, fresh look that stands out without feeling out of place. Whether you're gearing up for a white-themed PC this holiday season or just want a PC setup that complements your space, we've got you covered with our white edition PC components. From motherboards to graphics cards and more, let's explore some of the fantastic options that blend style with performance.




Let's kick off your build with a motherboard that sets the tone for the whole system! We have a nice selection of white motherboards. If you are going for Intel's latest 14th-gen processors, consider the Z790 AORUS PRO X or B760M AORUS ELITE X AX. For Team Red builders, we've got plenty of AM5 options like the X670E AORUS PRO X, B650 AORUS ELITE AX ICE, and the B650M AORUS ELITE AX ICE, available in both ATX and mATX sizes.



These boards come in an all-white design, making them a perfect building foundation for any white gaming setup. And beyond the aesthetics, the Z790 and X670E AORUS PRO X models bring Wi-Fi 7 support, Ultra Durable™ reinforcement, and handy DIY-friendly features like Sensor Panel Link and M.2 EZ-Latch Click to make your building process smoother.


Graphics Card


Ready to amp up your game in style? Check out these beautiful GeForce RTX 40 series AERO graphics cards! Fueled by the efficient NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, these cards bring top-notch performance and AI-powered graphics to any game you throw at them.



You can count on these cards to keep things cool during intense battles, thanks to our signature WINDFORCE cooling system with robust thermal designs, alternate spinning fans, and screen cooling. Beyond functionality, the AERO series boasts an equally impressive aesthetic with a sleek silver and white finish adorning the clean shroud and frame. This makes them the perfect complement to your white-themed battlestation.


AIO CPU Cooler


AIO CPU coolers are gaining popularity, and we’ve got the AORUS WATERFORCE X II 360 ICE and AORUS WATERFORCE II 360 ICE in the spotlight! These liquid CPU coolers boast not only a stunning white finish but also exceptional cooling performance, ensuring that your system not only looks sleek but also operates at its best.



The AORUS Waterforce X II 360 ICE distinguishes itself with the innovative Fan EZ-Chain Mag, a magnetic interlocking system that streamlines the installation process. Additionally, the circular full-color LCD Edge View empowers DIY enthusiasts to infuse a personal touch into their setups. This feature enables customization with your preferred text, GIF, JPEG, or MP4 files, providing a canvas for expressing your creativity. Furthermore, the display orientation is software-controlled, facilitating a 360-degree rotation and simplifying the installation process to an unprecedented degree.


Power Supply Unit


Looking for a power supply unit with a white finish and matching cables? Check out the UD850GM PG5W, our standout PSU featuring an elegant all-white color scheme.



The ATX 3.0-ready UD850GM PCIE 5.0 White Edition brings the goods with full modularity, 80 Plus Gold certification, and a five-year warranty. Designed to handle a 3X GPU power boost with its 16-pin connector and high-quality native 16-pin cable, it's well-prepared for PCIe Gen 5.0 graphics cards, keeping your setup future-proof and ready for whatever comes next.


PC Case


Complete your build with the GIGABYTE C301 GLASS WHITE—the stylish white knight of PC cases! 



The case comes in a sleek, icy white finish, complemented by a large mesh front and a vented top panel, ensuring optimized airflow for your system. The white PC case also features a tempered glass side panel, customizable RGB lighting, and GPU vertical mount support, allowing you to show off your beautiful graphics card. It's the complete package for a stylish and high-performance setup.


Elevate Your Setup: The All-White Edition


Take your gaming setup to the next level by pairing exceptional performance with our dazzling pristine white edition ecosystem—it's a match made in gaming heaven! Ready to elevate your setup? Check with your local retailers or representatives for availability in your region and gear up for an epic gaming setup.



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Youssef Rabie :
Beautiful colour
2023-12-18 23:57
Pratik :
I wish I could have this white snow smoke theme gaming pc on this Christmas ????❤️
2023-12-21 02:16
Richard :
I love this!
2023-12-27 16:29
AK :
Cool as ice!
2023-12-31 23:58
roevilro :
Very nice edition!
2024-01-06 21:03
FoxMuldorn :
Прикольно смотрится охлаждение
2024-01-13 07:13
RabPit :
If only Arous Master GPU & Mobo is ICED. But this looks great too!
2024-01-17 21:33
2024-01-18 11:28
Richard :
Aorus Numbah Wun!
2024-01-22 07:14
Mojave :
White is a refreshing change.
2024-02-04 12:52
Mojave :
White ARGB fans and White C500 case would make a nice addition to the product line.
2024-02-11 08:52
Dipak Jadhav :
These coolers not only excel in cooling performance but also boast innovative features. The AORUS Waterforce X II 360 ICE stands out with the Fan EZ-Chain Mag, a magnetic interlocking system, and a circular full-color LCD Edge View for customization. \n\nExpress your creativity with personalized text, GIFs, JPEGs, or MP4 files.
2024-02-13 15:32