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[RGB Fusion Software Introduction] Make Your PC a Work of Art

[RGB Fusion Software Introduction] Make Your PC a Work of Art

GIGABYTE Introduces RGB Fusion on the new AORUS Gaming Series Motherboards powered by GIGABYTE. RGB Fusion supports RGB around the board allowing users to control various zones and sections with different patterns and lighting effects, giving their system even more personality. Users can also download an APP to control all Basic Mode functions directly on their mobile device. With support for RGBW LED light strips, the AORUS Gaming Motherboards have millions of colors and combinations to choose from, making every system as unique as its owner. Select models even have an Accent LED Overlay that can be swapped based on personal preference.


If you are a first timer using the RGB Fusion software, this tutorial video will make the whole process a lot more pleasant.


What’s even better, with a dazzling array of products supported, RGB Fusion is the software that brings it all together, letting your accessories synchronize to the same beat. Customize all your LEDs how you like—have them match, dazzle and impress. Check out RGB Fusion ready website to make your PC shine like a work of art.





Mattamorphasis :
I cannot get this thing to work at all. At least to connect it with apps. I have tried everything to get it to just connect to games and nothing at all is working. Also with the white fade out why does it turn red? Also why do i mainly only see red blue and green on the "wave" setting, shouldn't it show every color evenly, or atleast more than 3. If its supposed to be good lighting why is it so hard to use and so clunky. The software is honestly horrible and poorly designed, like i have a Razer mouse that automatically connected to overwatch and changes colors according to heroes and i didnt even touch it or make it to do that. I am just getting so frustrated trying to figure out your system. This is probably the sore in your guys' work because the updater is soooo usefull and the command center is easy but why not the colored keyboard. You guys just released a new laptop and it still has the horrible color that the rest of them do. Its such and easy fix i just dont understand why you guys havnt noticed the issues and just fixed them over the past few updates.
2017-06-12 12:40
vec1phyr :
Software is great! Would love to see the ability to have your LEDs change color based on a game/application you're running. Love to see my PC turn red when I play Diablo...
2017-09-18 10:30
hawtdogflvrwtr :
Can you please tell the App Center developers to start over completely on every single plugin for the App Center, other than the fan 5/basic OC (only barely good)/and rgb fusion, please? The rest are completely and utter garbage. Constant reminders about bios updates that were already applied months ago (I installed the same bios 4 times before I realized it just kept telling me there was an update but it was the same version). Constant reminders of app center plugins that need to be installed or updated, that are already installed and updated. Nearly every single app there has zero help about WTF it does, and there are about 5 buttons randomly strewn around the interface that will simply reboot the system and throw you into the bios without warning, that you click with hopes of finding this mysterious section of the application that will let you set some bios configuration items inside of windows, (it is briefly mention in the awful documentation provided in the motherboard guide and i'm still searching for it). All in all, it's a POS application that needs to be dumped and rewritten from the ground up, so it integrates better.
2017-11-28 20:34
IE 10 Support :
RGB Fusion is a great a software. It is a very simple tool who work as artists in pc. It means pc work like an artist.
Internet Explorer 10 support
2018-05-22 03:28
Gaius :
RGB fusion - my x470 gaming 5 wifi has no wave option. this sucks because when i used the color cycle option the other components seems to lag by 1 sec. how do i enable wave option?
2018-08-06 09:21
offhand :
It seems that the version on the gigabyte website keeps getting more and more basic. what happened to all the features from the earlier versions?
2018-11-14 10:16
Ewag777 :
I just updated today and thought I was going crazy. Way less features. No advanced mode?
2018-12-08 11:03
Ewag777 :
Where did the advanced mode go? I can\'t control my addressable led\'s patterns anymore?
2018-12-08 11:04
Javico16 :
some one know how can downgrade the rgb fusion driver for the advance mode?
2018-12-09 05:11
Nicolas Secreto :
RGB fusion V2 is SHIT.
2019-01-25 23:33
HKKira :
If the version is to be \"DOWNGRADED\" the why was the \"UPDATE\" released. It is really SAD to experience this from an experienced and one of the most advanced company like GIGABYTE.
2019-02-09 00:49
jamagh :
How do you set it to do multiple colours in pulse? I can set it to do one, but I want to go from RED to PURPLE to BLUE and back to RED. I am unable to do anything other than set it to pulse one colour.
2019-03-20 09:38
jamagh :
Can\'t edit the previous post, I can do the colour shift with my corsair cooler and mouse, why can\'t I do the same with this program?
2019-03-20 09:45
jmr081 :
my memory with dummy kit isn\'t showning in RGB fusion V2.. im not sure why??\nso its stuck to the rainbow effect and its irritating me.. it doesnt go with my theme at all..
2019-04-18 23:27
t0mb3r :
have you sorted it out?
2019-06-09 06:31
coaleyed :
Anyone ran the commander with ARBG thermaltake fans? They all connect into a series then convert to LED connections. Wondering if it\'s to much for the link to have them all in series and on one port on the RBG fan controller. (Aorus Waterforce)
2019-04-28 22:57
t0mb3r :
I also have problems controlling ram dummies.
2019-06-09 06:30
OM3G4_247 :
RGB fusion 2.0 doesn\'t have an advanced mode.\nAnd it\'s SUPER glitchy and bugged.\n\nI\'ll honestly never buy another Aorus product again and it\'s all because of the terrible software that comes with it.\n\nIt\'s not just RGB fusion honestly.\n\nThe App Center and Aorus Engine aren\'t much better.\nBut the grammatical errors in the App\'s GUI should be a dead giveaway frankly
2019-11-04 09:29
DigitalSeva :
परेशान कर दिया इस RGB Fusion 2.0 सॉफ्टवेयर ने। अब मुझे लग रहा है की गीगाबाइट Z490 PRO AX खरीद कर गलती कर दी।
2020-12-25 05:25
wougle :
This really is the poorest RGB implimentation and software that you could imagine. There should be much more control over lighting effects for such an expensive eco-system; maybe you should put some RND money into software development!!
2020-05-18 08:07
DigitalSeva :
Well said
2020-12-25 05:23
Harrison Stevenson :
i will be your frequent visitor for sure, I am impressed with content you are posted
2020-07-31 16:55
Frank Leo :
El RGB 2.0 me gusta, espero pronto poder tener mi equipo y verlo iluminar :D
2020-08-17 13:45
Vionamod :
i am aorus fan . after buy your motherboard b450 elite i cannot run rgb fusion.,... this is so funny the big company like aorus cannot resolve a small issue ... your all users have a problem with this joking software .... why u cannot fix this ? why i waste my money for buy this bad product ....
2020-09-18 14:29
5o7toi57t :
lol. poor gigabyte. very poor. never buy again a product from u... 2 years. nothing changed. really NOTHING!\n\nOther people should be warned before buying this products with RGB... its a nightmare.
2020-11-08 22:20
DigitalSeva :
Please release new update with COMET effect included.\n\nI purchased your motherboard in hope of you would match GIGABYTE name to feature provided.\n\nNow I think I should have bought ASUS instead with all AI
2020-12-25 05:22
DigitalSeva :
Kingston Hyper X Gaming has much better software than RGB Fusion.\n\n\nSorry to say that.
2020-12-25 05:23
DigitalSeva :
परेशान कर दिया इस RGB Fusion 2.0 सॉफ्टवेयर ने। अब मुझे लग रहा है की गीगाबाइट Z490 PRO AX खरीद कर गलती कर दी।
2020-12-25 05:25
DigitalSeva :
INR 27,000 $367 के मदर बोर्ड में सिर्फ दो LED लाइट्स है। ये तो मज़ाक हो गया जी।
2020-12-25 05:28
The Welder :
This software works well when it actually works... but what I want to know is....\n\nWHY OH WHY OH WHY are you creating an empty temp folder in my Documents folder ALL the f\'kin\' time??? WHY?\n\nAnd YES, I know it\'s YOU that\'s creating this folder because I monitored the processes creating this directory. For the love of God, just STOP doing it.\n\nI\'ve been a software engineer a VERY long time and if I wrote software that did this kind of stuff, I would literally get fired and then fired again to make sure.
2023-11-03 02:07