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Unleashing the Power of AI Arts with the AORUS 17X Laptop

Unleashing the Power of AI Arts with the AORUS 17X Laptop

For art and tech enthusiasts, there's a rising trend taking the digital world by storm: AI Arts. Many are smitten with how AI technologies like Stable Diffusion breathe life into visuals, making them go viral on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Hugh Hou's journey saw his views skyrocket from a modest 300 to an impressive 80,000 in a short span. However, while generating these high-quality AI arts and AI animation videos can seem daunting and pricey, especially when done on the cloud, there's a game-changer in town: the AORUS 17X laptop. 


The Need for Powerful Hardware

The integration of AI in the art space demands robust hardware capable of training and handling AI photo and video generation locally. This not only accelerates the creative process but also paves the way for crafting unique AI models aligned with one's original art style, devoid of the pitfalls of internet plagiarism, which has sadly plagued the AI art generation community. 


So, where does one find a computer that seamlessly blends traditional photo and video editing with AI art generation?


Introducing the AORUS 17X

Enter the AORUS 17X - this laptop, boasting a GeForce RTX 4090 16G graphics card, is designed for optimal performance. Despite being significantly cheaper than its counterparts by $500 to $1000, the AORUS 17X doesn't compromise on power. With specs like a 13th Gen Intel® i9 processor, 32G DDR5 system memory, and a 2TB SSD onboard, it truly is a beast in a sleek package.


Whether you're streaming 8K videos with its HDMI 2.1 or leveraging the Thunderbolt 4 port for expanded storage, this laptop has got you covered. Furthermore, its supremacy is evident in its video editing capabilities. When pitted against the Apple M2 Max Macbook Pro in AI-assisted tasks like using Rotobrush 3.0 in Adobe After Effects Beta or Magic Mask in Davinci Resolve 18.5, the AORUS 17X consistently outperforms with almost double the speed. 


AI Art Generation with AORUS 17X

While AI art is becoming mainstream, Stable Diffusion SDXL stands out for being free and open source. Unlike other platforms, it trains on larger datasets, producing high-resolution images with photorealistic quality. More importantly, with this software being locally based, artists can ensure their creations' exclusivity and security.


The AORUS 17X, with its efficient GIGABYTE Control Center, amplifies this experience, providing real-time results that are awe-inspiring. Whether it's generating a futuristic image of a cybernetic Shiba Inu, AI generative fill, inpainting, outpainting or upscaling visuals, the laptop's power shines.


In the realm of AI videos, going viral on platforms like TikTok and Instagram is no longer a far-fetched dream. With the AORUS 17X's 16G of VRAM, artists can experiment and create locally without bearing hefty cloud-rendering costs. This advantage was evident in Hugh Hou's "Kimchi AI dance video," which caught many’s attention on social media.


The Future

The AI revolution in the art domain is unstoppable. To truly harness this potential, artists need powerful hardware like the AORUS 17X that doesn't break the bank. From high-quality AI art generation to video editing, this laptop is an asset for every modern creator. So, as the digital art landscape transforms, make sure you're equipped with the best, and let your creativity shine.



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