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[Tech Friday] M.2 Thermal Guards for NVMe SSDs

[Tech Friday] M.2 Thermal Guards for NVMe SSDs

Great PCMasterRace enthusiasts are always ready to stand their ground against console lovers, always ready to find new ways to protect their hardware from rising temperatures and always ready to fight minor details that might turn a 10 into a 9 when it comes to PC looks. All tests indicate we belong to this family of gamers and enthusiasts. 

It’s undeniable SSDs brought big performance changes to our computers. Some say it’s not fair to even make a comparison to old mechanical hard drives since the speed we are now able to access and transfer our data is on a completely different level. Noise-free operation and very little heat coming from such disks are also great advantages most of us rejoice to experience.
Technology evolved and our never-ending craving for more speed was answered through NVMe SSDs, some of which connect to M.2 ports on the motherboard. The location of such devices when installed and the ludicrous speeds they can reach turned out to bring real concerns to the table. Add to that the aesthetics of a simple PCB board with a couple of chips and a sticker on it, and everyone is losing their minds for a better solution.


Why M.2 Thermal Guards?

The controller on ultra-fast NVMe SSDs can be put to such stress it eventually faces a significant speed decrease as a safety measure against overheating. When we get used to any level of performance, waiting one extra second is more than enough time to start question existence and the meaning of life on Earth. Would you rather waste all your rage energy because your disk is suffering from thermal throttling or save it for later when the adrenaline of gaming kicks in?


performance comparison with and without aorus thermal guard

Solutions are popping like battle royale games in recent times but not all will solve your core issue. Be careful! Some might even make it worse. Look for a solid aluminum cover with a considerable thickness to it and appropriate thermal pad that promotes good contact with the chips on the SSD and the shield.
You’ll find AORUS M.2 Thermal Guards fit the description and that’s how you know they truly help to dissipate heat and maintain top disk performance at all times. Some of our latest designs include fins to expand the surface area and make the most of any airflow available inside the chassis.  
M.2 Thermal Guards come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and quantities depending on the board model. Each one is designed to match different motherboard series, fit to different M.2 slot lengths and all are engineered to help with heat dissipation. We are shipping AORUS motherboard models with 1, 2 and even 3 M.2 Thermal Guards included. If you need more, you may find them as a separate accessory.



Moving big files around puts a massive load on the SSD controller and as a result, the temperature rises. To keep the steady mind-blowing speeds you paid for, controller’s temperature must be kept below certain thresholds or there’s a risk of falling below the performance levels of a regular SATA SSD. 
There are a lot of examples out there in which performance is tied to the temperature of certain components and more often than not, the cooler it stays the faster it goes. If you don’t feel comfortable facing the outside world and prefer to stay indoors playing PC games just like we do, the same happens in our PCs and we’ve already demonstrated how we keep it cool inside with Smart Fan 5 technology.
The final performance numbers depend on the configuration but independent review websites report differences of up to 20ºC and users’ feedback points in the same direction.


ir temperature read m2 ssd with aorus thermal guard


When curious eyes “casually” inspect our VGA to judge the potential frame rate and level of detail in popular games, it’s easy for them to spot the M.2 slots. It’s way better to show a matching design on all components and a neat armor covering any not so attractive parts. 
The M.2 Thermal Guards do not discriminate; they will fit any M.2 SSD. Our computers can finally achieve a sleek look even if there’s a green PCB with an ugly sticker installed somewhere on the motherboard.


x470 aorus gaming 7 with two aorus thermal guards


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SK1LL5 :
Could use a video on how to install M.2 storage with thermal guard.
2019-02-19 16:51
Liero :
Is there any guide how i install gigabyte aorus itx pro wifi m.2 ssd cooler heatsink.
2020-01-15 13:54
Flui :
Hi is there a way to buy one more M.2 Thermal Guard for the X570 AORUS Elite?
2020-02-11 05:33
Jadot Moosman :
Looking for exactly the same thing. It\'d just be nice if they\'d match, both performance- and appearance-wise. Any luck?
2020-05-02 06:48
Magoo! :
I installed my 2nd NVMe M.2 SSD and was surprised there is no 2nd thermal guard included with the Aorus Elite motherboard.\nGigabyte Aorus should include or at least send buyers a 2nd thermal guard for free. It\'s strange this 2nd plate isn\'t included.\nHaving said that, this youtube link may ease peoples worries on overheating,
2020-06-14 10:43
hborba7 :
I agree. If they have an option to buy it after would be good as well.
2021-04-01 10:34
Lord Lethris :
Me too. Seems like all the ones you can Buy 3rd party are all slightly too big. There is no clearance space between M.2b and an average GPU - even on the smallest one I could find, which indecently was over £20.\n\nBut the \"Only One\" that comes with the Motherboard is exactly the right size. I need another one.
2022-04-05 21:09
Lord Lethris :
Actually I just had a brain-fart. I could get a chunky-boy for the main M.2a and Move the existing Thermal Guard to the M.2b socket????????‍♂️
2022-04-05 21:26
robertkjr3d :
My M.2 just kicked the can in my Aorus-Ultra. One bone-head thing I did was not rip the blue-plastic off the Thermal-Guard. After it started to fail, I did, and when I finally successfully cloned it, and pulled it off while it was still hot... it had burned an impression into the \'Thermal-Guard\'... The card didn\'t look very good. I supposed my case in general is still too hot. I need more fans to point towards the board, if I\'m going to use M.2s.
2020-11-26 21:37
Ben Talos :
What is the point of multiple m.2 slots with only one heatsink ? Impossible to locate parts anywhere in uk.
2022-12-22 20:00
Tryer :
Is there still no luck in finding another Thermal-Guard?
2023-12-27 02:05