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Buyers Guide 2020: How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop For Gaming and Live streaming PART 2

Buyers Guide 2020: How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop For Gaming and Live streaming PART 2

As an advanced gamer you know 144Hz is not good enough for your eyes, you demanded 240Hz/300Hz for smoother and faster performance and GIGABYTE answered. And yeah, you want battery life, no worries there, the AORUS series all comes with 94Wh of battery, which can extend the battery life over 6~7 hours.

Advanced gamers know what kind of performance they need in a gaming computer, yet many don’t realize how far gaming laptops have come! Gone are the days of big clunky laptops that get super hot to the touch. Today’s professional level gaming laptops are designed to be ultra-light, ultra-fast, and ultra-reliable offering desktop quality performance.

Advanced and hardcore gamers are looking for more features and well-engineered gaming laptops. High-performance comes with more than powerful CPUs and speedy GPUs, real pro-gaming laptops stay cool under pressure, offer immersive visual displays, super ready keyboards for button mashing and chassis designed with hardcore play in mind. Models like the AORUS 15G/17G, AORUS 15P and 17X are precision crafted with these things in mind making the Core i9/i7 CPU and RTX graphics exceed performance standards. As an advanced gamer you know 144Hz is not good enough for your eyes, you demanded 240Hz/300Hz for smoother and faster performance and GIGABYTE answered. And yeah, you want battery life, no worries there, the AORUS series all comes with 94Wh of battery, which can extend the battery life over 6~7 hours.


Powerful GPU+ CPU + Cooling = Real Performance

If you like to play FPS or action games, which count heavy lifting titles with the highest graphics load, like “Watch Dogs”, “Battlefield”, “Far Cry” or the “Call of Duty” series, then you know those games are GPU performance eaters. If you want to play these games over 60~144 FPS, the Core i7 CPU with RTX graphics is just a starting point . You need CPU power to play these games at a competitive level. Starting off you need Core i7 10875H and RTX 2070 or above to avoid lag and stutter.

Nothing is worse than overheating mid-battle, in order to stay cool under pressure you need an advanced cooling system. You need a minimum of dual fans and 4 heat pipes to reach the basic TDP request from CPU and GPU power consumption, a better cooling system will use stronger fans, 5 or more heat pipes to ensuring higher more stable performance. The AORUS 17G, AORUS 15G, AERO 17 and AERO 15 are equipped with the industry leading “WINDFORCE Infinity” cooling system. This cooling system handles the heat of full power of the CPU and GPU, boosting performance while keeping the temperature stable for smooth long term productivity and play.

To ensure the hardware exceeds the highest standards, the GIGABYTE AORUS series is designed with Microsoft Azure AI, the intelligent control software for CPU and GPU power. It handles the clock and heat to balance temperature and fan noise for a better user experience, keeping fan noise down as well as extending longer battery life when in DC mode.

Faster, Richer Visual Experience with Cutting Edge Displays

Most gamers are playing with at least 60FPS in 2020, which pushed most gaming notebook to come out with 120Hz/144Hz panel, not all of these are the highest quality. AORUS brings you the best visual displays in the industry.

The AORUS 17X, AORUS 17G and AORUS 15G are designed with 300Hz/240Hz offering the fastest gaming display, paired with 99%sRGB at NTSC72% color gamut level. Other AORUS series like AORUS 15P, AORUS 5, 7 designed with 144Hz display, offer high quality visual displays because of the 72%NTSC color gamut. Color gamut is what allows users and gamers to see more vivid colors and better detail from dark images during gameplay. Not all 120Hz/144Hz displays are the same, be wary of cheap gaming notebooks offering lower visual experiences, your working and gaming experience will lose over 30% of color present, and generated bad user experience including more eye strain.

Every AORUS 17/15 series gaming laptop is calibrated per unit with X-Rite Pantone, no other laptop in the industry offers this level of quality. Color accurate right out of the box, you are seeing and playing the game as the designers intended. Stream, work or play, color accuracy gives you the best experience with the AORUS 17/15 displays .


Nobody does it better: AORUS Laptop Keyboards.

Most gaming laptops come with colorful backlit keyboards, but AORUS brings you more than just pretty lights. Advanced gamers want and need mechanical key switches, but only a few makers are bringing these to market. GIGABYTE listened and delivered with the AORUS 17X, AORUS 17G and the AORUS 15G.


GIGABYTE knows you work hard to stay at the top of your game and you deserve the very best. The AORUS 17X, AORUS 17G and AORUS 15G come with the slimmest type of mechanical keyboard. When it comes to quality, we choose the best, the OMRON key switch. Stronger force feedback, short trigger point, and lower noise similar to the cherry silver switch experience, the AORUS series brings more to the table for gamers who know how to win. Most of the AORUS laptops are designed with a Per-Key RGB backlit keyboard, allowing users to make their own lighting style, with an off toggle for professionals who don’t want the All of the per-key RGB gaming keyboards on AORUS 15/17 series also support Macro keys setup, not only for pro gamers to make faster in game battles, but also for Adobe and other creative software where hotkeys matter.

Faster SSD storage and Bigger Main Memory

For gaming laptops, a 512GB of system SSD is the minimum requirement, obviously most users replace it with 1TB SSD storage so they can install more games and apps. AORUS series gaming laptops come with 2x M.2 SSD slots, 1x pure NVME SSD and 1x NVME/SATA3 combo. NVMe SSD up to 3300MB/s of the high bandwidth, some of the higher quality SSD can easily reach this speed, giving advanced users access to games and apps much faster.
The AORUS 5/7 models get an extra 1x 2.5” HDD storage, which offers a budget option for gamers just getting started on their competitive journey so they can take advantage of the larger capacity of the HDD storage.
Casual gaming laptop needs a minimum of 16GB RAM, most AAA titles and graphic heavy games need 32GB RAM which comes in 16GBx2 combinations. Ensuring you have enough RAM is extremely important for games like “Microsoft Flight Simulation” and other intense FPS/Action games. If your laptop only has 8GB RAM, you must add 1 more 8GB RAM at least to play most of the game lag and stutter free.


Plug In All The Things: Connectivity

The AORUS series gaming laptops offer more ports laptops than any other brand on the market. With 3x USB3.1 port are the basic idea, HDMI, MiniDP or Type-C DP port for 2x 4K display output as standard on all GIGABYTE laptops, the ports just increase to ensure you’re battle station is the envy of your friends. . All of the AORUS series gaming laptops also come with a full size SD card reader, making these laptops photographers and designers friendly.

Hardcore gamers take note, the AORUS 17/15 series sport the Thunderbolt 3 ports for 3rd 4K display output, for maximum connectivity.


Last but not the least on Battery life

If you consider powerful gaming laptops, performance, cooling system and display should be the top 3 options, but why AORUS series brings higher value and more feature for you? Because we always think more for different power users.

The AORUS 17/15 series laptops designed with a 94Wh battery, that makes AORUS series gaming laptops comes with 6~8 hours of battery life, it’s even 2x longer paly time or work time than most of the other slim gaming laptops.

Besides of the larger capacity battery, the Azure AI could be set to “Performance Mode” for 80% of high performance under battery mode to drive gaming performance or rendering speed. Or set AI to “Battery Saving” Mode to get 6~8 hours of battery life, just 1 click to switch your preference to get 2 type of your user experience in a second!


Game Your Way: Pick Your Model Below


Raw power, unbridled performance: Welcome to extreme overclocked CPU and GPU performance, weighing in at 3.8kg the AORUS 17X is 20% lighter than other high-performance desktop replacements. The AORUS 17X comes equipped with mechanical keyboard, 300Hz display, the industry’s fastest SSD and more RAM with strongest cooling system. Extreme Gamers Need: Core i9 + RTX 2080 SUPER or 2070 SUPER


The award winning AORUS 17G offers a sleek, slim gaming laptop with metal chassis offers enhanced performance. The AORUS 17G is equipped with a thin mechanical keyboard, larger display experience with 300Hz/240Hz panel, 2x RAM slots and M.2 SSD slots, and the industry leading WINDFORCE Infinity cooling system. This laptop is engineered to ensure the RTX Max-Q version graphics operates faster performing at the normal RTX graphics performance. Serious and Competitive Gamers Are Recommend to Choose: Core i9 or i7 10875H with RTX 2070 SUPER or higher-level graphics for top level gaming.


Award winning for it’s professional sleek looks, the AORUS 15G offers thinnest 15” metallic chassis gaming laptop with slimmest mechanical keyboard in the market, 240Hz display, lots of ports, excellent performance with strong cooling, and good battery life. All the features installed in a 1 inch height and 2.3kg of a gaming laptop, so much power in one portable package. Gamers on the go and professionals in need of a powerful sleek machine are recommended to buy: Core i7 10750H or 10875H with RTX 2070 Max-Q or higher level GPU model to get better gaming experience, and still got 6~8 hours of battery life easily.


Gamers with an eye on the prize and a slimmer budget now get the benefit of a budget friendly high-performance option. The latest AORUS gaming laptop comes with the signature slimmer chassis, regular gaming keyboard with per-key RGB backlit, lots of ports for work and play. Gamers on a quest to win are recommended to buy: Core i7 10750H with GTX 1660Ti or RTX 2060 models, which make the 144Hz display operate within expected performance levels. 


Work, game or play, AORUS laptops make things faster, smarter and better so you can achieve your personal and professional wins!


Chapi :
I guess I like the Aourus 17G one because it has got pretty much every best parts for not just for gaming \"RealGaming\", it\'s overpowered by i7-10750H CPU, THE RTX 2070SUPER MAX-Q GPU (damn), M.2 SSD and from 300Hz to 240Hz display and also have mechanical keyboard damn that\'s actually a beast. no need of buying. i don\'t even have any gaming pc still but yeah when I have enough money that\'s what i\'ll buy (^-^)
2020-12-19 00:57
W O L F :
I will save money for AORUS 17X ^_^
2020-12-21 13:49
Johnstone5150 :
I would have to go with the 17X power is the name of the game
2020-12-25 15:54
Acerus :
Can\'t wait to get new AORUS Laptop in 2021!
2020-12-27 19:17
RishabhJain :
This is more a matter of preference than anything else, but there are die-hard fans for both camps. Team Glossy swears by the vibrant colors, but that shiny surface is very susceptible to annoying glare. Fans of a matte panel don\'t have to worry about distracting reflections, but some users complain about washed out color and detail.
2021-01-12 16:59