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Member Submission

Thanks to Argir for making this video and share to AORUS!

Unboxing of my new Aorus 2016 super and why i choose it against 2060, 2070 or others 2060 supers


Flux :
Good video????
2020-04-19 06:09
Mark Woodard :
2020-04-19 20:26
Palmi11 :
Nice one :)
2020-04-21 19:01
Zibalani :
Great card as well as great video. Keep up!
2020-04-22 18:10
kefo2323 :
nice video . its very nice card
2020-04-27 07:12
alex :
wow so cool
2020-04-28 02:32
NofaceDCA :
the design is beautiful !
2020-04-28 09:14
that sleek look.. josss
2020-04-29 15:49
WharIf :
A friend is looking at one of these at the moment so I sent him a link to this. :-)
2020-05-01 06:45
FantomSolace :
I received the 2080 super water force WB variant and noticed the Aorus logo on the water block is badly scratched from the bag. No protective film anywhere on the card. Seems crazy for $840 card. Is this normal for Gigabyte or did I receive an item that has been used or refurbished? Purchased new from Newegg.
2020-05-08 09:14