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【Member Submission】Ace's NEW AORUS Gaming Chair Unboxing!

【Member Submission】Ace's NEW AORUS Gaming Chair Unboxing!

Member Submission

Thanks to Ace for sharing this great unboxing video of the NEW AORUS Gaming Chair with us!





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Sage-X :
WOW! very nice video! nothing to do only to watch actually its not affordable for me.:)
2021-10-19 18:23
Lazyr :
Какое хорошее кресло есть ли такие в Рф
2021-10-22 03:32
MiaBeyefendi :
Of course it\'s not available in my country yet! xD
2021-10-29 21:41
GigabyteMA :
Excellent , I need the same !
2022-02-25 22:25