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Project Vision :See the passion of creation #DesIgnYourAORUS

Project Vision :See the passion of creation #DesIgnYourAORUS


Born for creators.


There are lots of modding designed for gamers to show their personal styles. There are seldom modding for creators, why not?  So, this time AORUS cooperated with AK Tech&Mods, a modder from Finland, to build a creator modding in purple and white theme! Let’s find out the details! 



AK explained the desgin concept behind Vision:

"This time I present you the project VISION” together with the support of the GIGABYTE and AORUS. The Lga 1200 /Z490 platform has been launched a while ago and GIGABYTE has brought one of the very first and unique Z490 motherboards. The uniqueness of the color contrast of this motherboard with purple and white theme has given me some goosebumps. Therefore I decided to Co-op this time with GIGABYTE to make things get faster to present to you. I hope you guys enjoyed this build!”



The motherboard is Z490 VISION G which is specially designed for the professional content creators. The maximum memory capacity is up to 128GB. Each slot supports up to 32GB! With such a big capacity of memory ,you can run lots of applications simultaneously.



The CPU block has also integrated o-led temperature metre. It was painted in purple velvet and its metallic luster shining from different angles.



The VGA is AORUS GeForce® RTX 2080 SUPER™ WATERFORCE WB 8G. With direct contact to the GPU, VRAM and all critical components, the large copper base plate efficiently transfers heat generated from the interior cores to the liquid ensuring stable & high performance. AK customized the back plate in white and purple texts. See the pattern above, it combines AK’s logo with GIGABYTE logo! 



The RAM is GIGABYTE DESIGNARE Memory 64GB (2x32GB) 3200MHz providing single 32GB memory. You can fill up all slots to get the maximum capacity of the platform. If your ultimate goal was to have enough RAM for Video Editing Software to run smoothly, this would be your best choice.



The case is Lian Li 011D XL case. AK also painted it in purple velvet and clear coating. You can even see the lights bouncing through the purple velvet color on the case. Isn’t it fabulous?



The fan covers are also painted in a purple velvet and clear coating as well.




Bottom 360x30mm radiator represents the GPU loop and the top 360x30mm radiator represents the CPU loop.




Power Supply and the sleeved PSU cables are matching to the main theme of the mod (purple&white). 



The Distro-plates have been designed by AK Tech&Mods and machined by Chinese cnc-master. Ak also used the perfect color-matching with the pump covers. Distro-plates are addressing a double loop system. One goes to the 120mm fans place and other goes to the motherboard’s mid-plate.  



Now with all the components assembled, the only thing remaining to fulfill the project is a drop of a purple stuff.



Pouring purple coolant throughout the tubings, the whole modding just looks like a different system! As you have noticed, that Water cooling system represents the double-loop. CPU and GPU have their own loop.



The coolant looks like grape juice. Isn’t it?

Let’s see the satisfying time-lapse video!


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Configuration List of the Project Vision

CPU: Intel 10th Core i9-10900K Processor
Motherboard: Z490 VISION G
RAM: GIGABYTE DESIGNARE Memory 128g  (4x32GB) 3200MHz
SSD: Sabrent Rocket Q 1TB Internal SSD
PSU: Seasonic Snow Silent 1050 W
Case: Lian Li 011D XL case
Fans: Noua 120mm PWM RBW fans

Water Cooling parts

Distro-plates: AKTech&Mods designed Distro-plate with double loop DDC system and it’s machined by his mate (CNC-Master)
Cpublock: Bykski FR-CU-RA-V2 CPU Water Cooling Block
Water cooling pumps: Bykski B-PMD3-COV RBW LED Water Cooling PC Cooler DDC Pump
Radiators: Formula Mod 360x30mm Full Copper Radiators
Hardtubes: Barrow 14/10mm PETG Rigid clear HardTube (sanded with 500, 800 and 1000 grade soft spongstyle sandpapers) to give a frozen look.
Hardtube fittings: Barrow 10x14mm compression fittings (White)
Adapters:  90° offset and usual adapters
Extenders: 7,5, 15, 30 and 40mm barrow extenders




XeveX :
10th gen beast
2020-09-08 22:44
Koji_Online :
This is a beautiful build! I see this is the starting point that inspired the new Vision product line! I am totally waiting to purchase a Vision 3080 and matching Vision B550 motherboard; keep up the great work, and keep more Vision products coming!
2020-10-18 14:05