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Aerospace-grade PCB Coating - Who Would Benefit Most from This Feature

Aerospace-grade PCB Coating - Who Would Benefit Most from This Feature

One of the distinctive features that set XTREME GAMING graphics cards apart from others is the aerospace-grade PCB coating, an invisible shield designed to protect electronic circuits from harsh environments. This type of technology is commonly used in the field of aerospace, and now the application has expanded to consumer electronics and PC hardware.


GIGABYTE is the first in the business to adopt this technology on graphics cards. The protective layer of aerospace-grade PCB coating makes XTREME GAMING graphics cards invulnerable to moisture, dust, and corrosive contaminants. Here we list three types of users that would reap the most benefit of this awesome feature:


Hardcore Overclockers

If you are one of those extreme overclocking enthusiasts, then the XTREME GAMING graphics card is by far the best choice for the job, second to none. The thoroughly applied protective coating covers every inch of the print circuit board, so you will not have to worry about any liquid nitrogen or other chemical residue spilled/dripped down to the PCB by any chance. The aerospace-grade PCB coating resists corrosive contaminants like LN2 and ensures the system runs reliably as normal. Only thing left you have to worry about now is how to break that world record!


Watercooling System Owners

Ask anyone from the watercooling community what their biggest fear is, and 11 out of 10 people will say it is that darn leaks. That’s right. Leakage can be an absolute nightmare for those of you who own a liquid-cooling based gaming rig and could easily ruin your entire system without even knowing. Even watercooling gurus at times could not completely stay away from this potential hazard.


Fear no more because the XTREME protection provided by the moisture-resistant barrier will give watercooling system owners extra peace of mind. In case of any leaks, the protective layer of coating could keep liquid from getting into the circuitry, preventing any unwanted conduction paths and board damage.


Gamers Living in Extreme Weather Environments

By extreme weather environments, we are referring to locations that are very humid, regions near sea where the salt content in the air is high, or places with extreme temperatures. These are potentially corrosive environments that may pose serious threat to the electronics devices. If you live in one of these aforementioned areas, you ought to be very careful with how you maintain your hardware, especially your high-end graphics card.


For LAN party goers who frequently move their gaming PCs around, condensation may also likely be formed on the PCB due a rapid change in humidity and temperature between different environments, causing corrosion that would lead to device failure. In this case, having a graphics card with the aerospace-grade PCB coating would be a great solution to protect the board from the effects of contaminants in the air.


If any of the above profiles fits you, give XTREME GAMING a try and see how it could help keep your game going stronger and longer. Still having some doubts? Check out how we push the XTREME GAMING card to the extreme and you will believe how tough it is.




Excellent idea. Knocked a soda over next to mine with the side off. Sucked it right up in there and showed the tower. :D
2016-07-18 20:40